Blackwell Grange Junior Golf Academy January 2020

Blackwell Grange Junior Golf Academy January 2020

Junior Academy Masters Flyer 2020

2020 is an exciting year for the Blackwell Grange Junior Golf Academy with the Introduction of the Junior Academy Tournament Series which will be played over 2 rounds on the Academy Course.  These series of events are going to be played at the same time that the Major US and European Tour Events are on.

The Tournament Schedule looks like this for 2020

The Open Championship Photo  Green Jacket Photo  Players Tournament Photo

March 14-15 Junior Academy Players Tournament
April 11-12 Junior Academy Masters Tournament (Green Jacket Major Prize)
May 9-10 Junior Academy Tour Championship
June 20-21 Junior Academy Blackwell Grange Classic
July 18-19 Junior Academy Open Championship (Claret Jug Trophy)
September 12-13 Junior Academy Darlington BM Championship
September 26-27 Junior Academy RYDER CUP
October 10-11 Junior Academy Blackwell Playoffs

The series of Tournaments will be part of an Order of Merit which the Winner will be named – 2020 Tournament Player of the Year and will walk away with a Major Prize as well as the Blackwell Playoffs Trophy

An Invitation has been sent out to all the Golf Clubs around for their Juniors to Join the Tournament Series.  This is an opportunity for kids aged between 6-12 to play on a Junior Golf course designed for young kids at Blackwell Grange.  The hope is to create a tournament series with over 70 kids play each event, and create some healthy competition between the clubs Junior academies.

The Introduction of the Junior Ryder Cup on the actual weekend of the MAJOR Ryder Cup will create more excitement with the vision of creating a CLUB Ryder between Junior Golf Academies in the area.  Played then as a Single Stroke event, the lowest combined stroke score for the 6 holes.

During Summer there will also be a Summer League.  I will run this league every week during April/May/June/July for 9 weeks.

At the end of the year the Junior Academy will have a Presentation Evening to hand out the Major Awards and prizes throughout the year.  This will be a celebration for the Junior Academy and the years events and also will coincide with the Academies Presentations for individual Awards.  This will be a very formal event.

This is an exciting time for the Academy as this has not been done before and this will be a first for a Golf Club.  As the academy grows it will shine light on the Junior Golf Opportunities at Blackwell Grange.

The junior section started with 8 kids in January 2019 getting coached once per week, now in January 2020 we have 68 kids getting coached a week across 9 classes.  Working with the Golf Foundation I have been doing classes at Schools like Firthmoor Primary, St Teresa’s Primary, St Mary’s Cockerton Primary and in 2020 I will start at Reid Street Primary and Wyvern Academy High School.  So far I have coach over 500 kids in 2019.  I hope to hit 1000 by the end of 2020.

The classes each week are as follows:

Monday 5pm, Tuesday 5pm & 6pm, Wednesday 5pm & 6pm, Saturday 9am & 10am, Sunday 5:30pm & 6:30pm


I am very happy with the participation from all the kids and also the parents.

Visit the Blackwell Grange Golf Club for further details.

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