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Hello readers – my name is Leslie Greenhalgh I have like most people a wide and varied career profile – late in my life I decided to acquire a golf driving range. And I am now the proud owner of the only Golf Academy in the UK primarily teaching “One Plane Golf”

Although the One Plane Academy has only been open for a short period of time – it has created a lot of interest and attendance for those who wish to develop and play with a more bio mechanically sound method of swinging a golf club.

One Plane Golf offers those carrying old sports injuries or golfers who have recently undergone Knee Hip replacement surgery some in part due to the way they play golf – and of course our ageing bodies a new lease of life and golf longevity. In most cases with the “One Plane Golf” and its simplicity to learn and adapt to even lower your handicap – Moe Norman who most golf commentators would say perfected the “One Plane Swing”  Moe Norman knew what he was doing when he developed the style and brought it to the world.


There are many golf players that believe a one-plane golf swing is the best swing to adopt for your game. There are, of course, multiple reasons why they think that should be the case.


When practiced correctly the one -plane golf swing, if you practice it correctly, will synchronize the movements of your hands, arms, shoulders, and hips easily. You won’t need to practice any specialized motions for this swing, such as thrusting with your hips, an abrupt hinge with your wrists, or dropping the club into the plane during the downswing. All you need to do is ensure that your hands are in the correct position and hold the clubface square to make a solid connection.


For golfers who love hitting draws on the golf course, the single-plane golf swing is the best option. When you swing the shoulders and arms on the same plane, it creates a flatter swing naturally, where the club arches around the body. That helps promote the club head’s path to approach the ball from the inside line, and that holds the key to hitting shots from left to right. That produces a draw and allows you to get out of tricky situations on the golf course.


Most golfers try to mirror their game on their idols and some of the most legendary golfers of all time used to play with the one plane golf swing. You can count the legendary golfer Ben Hogan as one individual who used the single-plane golf swing when he dominated the golf circuit. Moe Norman was another legendary golf player who used this golf swing to great effect on the golf course. If this swing was great for these golfers, you could truly take your game to the next level as well.


The main reason why many golfers prefer the single-plane golf swing is that it is thought to help them generate extra power on their shots. Bryson Dechambeau is a case in point and proven that a one plane swing can certainly out drive the conventional swinger. The unrestricted motion of the swing helps to hit the ball cleaner and harder. As a result, you manage to create a powerful and wide shallower arc with the single-plane golf swing. The rotational force of the swing also plays a major role in ensuring the golf ball travels a significant distance.

The One Plane swing may not be for everyone, there is no doubt that it is the most bio mechanically natural swing path and providing you are prepared to run the drills practice one plane golf can be easily learned as your body learns new habits. So you should have no problems reaping the same benefits from a one -plane golf swing and elevating your golf game to the next level on the golf course.


One Plane Instruction presently is really only taught in the USA where quite a few schools provide and instruct in “Single Plane” or “Rotary Golf” “Set up 4 impact” etc etc each giving the style different names, and each with their own method of instruction and interpretation of what single plane is. These can be sought out and would be happy to take your money and provide you with online instruction, but no face to face instruction unless of course you can pay the fees to get to the USA.

Here in the UK there are a few Single Plane instructors working at various venues, however in the last 10 years of playing one plane golf it has been my experience that no- one in the UK could help or advise and to my amazement very few club PGA pros even knew who Moe Norman was. It was this factor that drove me to set up the “One Plane Golf Academy” to my knowledge this may well be the only Academy set up and calling itself and providing instruction in “One Plane Golf”

At this moment the Academy is in discussion with venues in the South West to host a one day “Introduction to one plane golf” event –

The intention of “One Plane UK” would be to travel the South West and start a spring program of one day “Introduction to One Plane Golf” based on the style of Moe Norman and of course more recently Bryson Dechambeau amongst other one plane golfers presently playing on tour.

The dates and timing for the schools will be finalized in due course but if you are keen to start your “One Plane” golfing journey sooner please feel free to contact the Academy either via the web page or Face Book Page or simply call (details below)

The Academy has Trackman Range indoor GC2 teaching suite and indoor teaching bay,

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